Megaclusters™ is the latest innovation in gaming engines to hit the world of online slots. This captivating pay mechanic is the creation of Australian slot provider Big Time Gaming, which sees the industry leading game developer take the cluster pays system and sprinkle in some of their new unique magic to produce Megaclusters™ Slots. These are now amongst the most tantalising and entertaining games to populate online casino lobbies around the world.

So of course you want to know everything about the Megaclusters game engine and why its proving to be the latest revelation in video slot technology. Through our expertise you will gain a detailed insight as to how the Megaclusters mechanic works, highly informative slot reviews on each new release, as well as recommendations for the best online casinos to play Megaclusters™ slots. Our primary goal is for you to feel that you have a deep knowledge and understanding of how this industry changing slot mechanic works. We want you to join us on our journey as we enter the colossal world of Megaclusters™, that is set to be a voyage of of thrill, buzz, and exhilaration.

Best Megaclusters™ Casinos

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Latest Megaclusters™ Slots

How Do Megaclusters™ Slots Work?

For a definitive answer as to how Megaclusters work, we first need to look in more detail at how a basic cluster pays slot operates. These slots do not have any paylines and instead are played out on a set format of rows and reels, where wins are formed when matching symbols connect adjacently anywhere within that grid.

Megaclusters™ works under the same premise, but Big Time Gaming have added a pinch of their stardust and taken this mechanic to the next level. By applying the same thinking behind their Megaclusters™ mechanic, each spin that takes place can potentially see the amount of symbols on the reels differ from one game to the next, which of course adds more unpredictability and excitement.

When you begin a spin on a Megaclusters™ slot, you will see that the game will display at the bottom of the reels how many Megaclusters™ you have in play. In our example you can see that the game begins with a 4 x 4 grid which works out to a total of 16 Megaclusters™.

The new game mechanic from BTG kicks in whenever a win takes place, each symbol that is a part of that win will explode and be replaced with 4 smaller symbols creating even more possibilities for winning clusters.

But the action doesn’t stop there, when a symbol explodes for the first time, the smaller symbols that replace it are revealed by spinning in the same way as the reels do at the beginning of each game. All following wins that they are then involved in after that will also see them explode, then new symbols will fall down through reel cascades to replace them.

Multiple cascades can take place and will only end when no further winning clusters can be made. So in theory if all of the symbols on the grid were to be used in making a win, then you could have up to 64 Megaclusters™ in play.

How To Win On Megaclusters™ Slots

So now you know how these games work, it’s time to discover exactly how you win on them. Wins are achieved on a Megaclusters™ slot when clusters of the same symbol match adjacently anywhere within the play grid. Typically you will need a minimum of 5 symbols to be grouped together like this for a win to be created, but as more slots are developed that feature this mechanic, that number will likely differ. However, the principle of matching adjacent symbols is the keystone to the Megaclusters™ engine and will remain constant throughout the series of slots.

Megaclusters Win Lines
Megaclusters Win Lines

Megaclusters™ Bonus Rounds & Features

The fun doesn’t end with the creation of huge clusters of winning symbols when you’re playing Megaclusters™ Slots. There are far more exciting and entertaining elements to these games that can produce hours of enjoyment, along with the potential for some really big wins. Let’s dig a little deeper into what you can expect to come across when spinning the reels on these action packed games.

Megaclusters Bonus Round

Cascading Reels

Who doesn’t want more chances to win from just one spin of the reels. Well that’s exactly what the cascading reels mechanic brings you when it kicks into action when playing a Megaclusters™ Slot. So how does this feature work? Well let us explain.

Whenever you form a big enough cluster of symbols to create a win, the symbols that have been involved in that win subsequently explode and are removed from the grid. This results in spaces now being left behind which need to be filled. New symbols will now cascade from above to fill any gaps that have been left behind which presents even more opportunities to create winning clusters.

What makes this feature even more lucrative, is that as long as you are creating new winning clusters, the cascades will keep on rolling. With those additional cascades comes the potential of bigger wins, or the triggering of free spin bonus rounds.

Cascading Reels in a Megaclusters Slot

Multiplying Wilds

Wild symbols as we know are a part and parcel of 100s of online slots, but when it comes to their inclusion in Megaclusters™, then we are treated to some additional action that can really raise the roof on the volatility of the game that they are featured in.

So not only will you be spinning the reels with a standard multiplier in place, within certain games there are also multiplying wilds that are capable of increasing their value each time that they are a part of a win. That isn’t all though, further enhancements have now seen the multiplying wild develop the ability to roam around the grid during the base game and free spins bonus round.

This has unlocked a whole new level of paying potential within Megaclusters, as now all areas of the grid can be accessed by these versatile wild symbols. The game providers are continuing to innovate around this powerful symbol, with the biggest wins being paid so far within Megaclusters™, when two of these symbols combine within a win to first multiply each other, and then the cluster of symbols they are a part of.

Megaclusters Multiplying Wilds
Multiplying Wilds connecting during a bonus feature

Symbol Upgrades

A thrilling new aspect within Megaclusters™ has been the introduction of the symbol upgrade, which can help players to build and create bigger clusters of symbols. And of course, the more adjacent matching symbols that connect, the greater the amount of cash that will be heading to your balance.

Rather than the symbol upgrade being a modifier or a feature that is triggered randomly, it instead becomes active after a win has taken place. You will witness symbols next to those that were a part of a win upgraded in a tier like system, where doubles, triples and quadruples can be formed.

This can bring with some of the biggest paying potential yet seen within Megaclusters™. If there are a series of symbols that have been upgraded, that then connect together along with a multiplying wild, then the result can be a huge return on the bet that has been placed.

How Are Free Spins Triggered On Megaclusters™ Slots

So far in the series of Megaclusters™ games, we have seen developers take the progressive win reaction approach for the triggering of the free spin feature. This relies entirely on the cascading reels mechanic, where a designated amount of consecutive wins are required for the free spins to be triggered.

The amount of winning cascades needed will be specific to each game that features this method, with the level of that slots volatility possibly playing a part. As an example, Star Clusters tends to trigger the bonus more frequently where only 5 cascades are needed, but can pay smaller amounts in the bonus round. Whereas Cyberslot requires 10 cascades for a feature trigger, but tends to shy away from producing particularly low paying bonus rounds.

Future feature triggers within Megaclusters™ could rely on a traditional approach of landing scatter symbols, or we may well see the providers take on a whole new style of how these games are transitioned into the bonus feature. Either way, we can’t wait to see what is in store for this mechanic and how it will develop over the coming months and years.

Megaclusters™ Slots FAQ

Who created Megaclusters™ Slots?

The pioneering slot developer Big Time Gaming created the Megaclusters™ mechanic. This is the follow on gaming engine to their highly popular Megaclusters™ pay system.

Are Megaclusters™ expensive to play?

The staking structure around Megaclusters™ has been devised so that the games are accessible to those of small, mid-range, and large budgets. Players will usually find that the games within this genre range from a minimum of £0.20 a play, up to around a maximum of £20.

What is the highest win on a Megaclusters™ slot?

As you have probably anticipated these slots fall into the high volatility category, so there are going to be plenty of big wins on these games as they develop further. Currently wins in excess of 20,000x your stake can be expected, with most online casinos choosing to cap max wins at £250,000.

What features are there on Megaclusters™ slots?

We have already seen wilds, multiplying wilds, cascading reels, and free spin bonus rounds to date, but we are eagerly awaiting to see more features added as the games begin to stack up. Although it’s sheer speculation we could see new additions such as mystery symbols, or in-game modifiers that further enhance the player experience on each slot.

Can I play Megaclusters™ on my mobile?

The full catalogue of Megaclusters™ games have been designed so that they are playable on any platform. So regardless of whether you are playing on desktop or mobile, you can expect the slot to perform effortlessly and not affect your overall gameplay.

Megaclusters Slots News

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